Last Days & Reflection

I know it’s a bit cliché to say this, but I feel transformed.  

During my time in Berlin, I was theoretically thrown into the water and exposed to things that I would not have been exposed to otherwise. Every time I travel I always discover a unique part of myself. I am truly grateful for this experience, for I was challenged in all forms. After Demo Day, we explored maker spaces and events in Berlin. It was nice to be exposed to people who find gratification in staying active with their work. They made me feel motivated to stay constantly stay active as well. I have become infatuated with discipline, efficiency, learning, and creating; because for me these skills embody balance and bliss.

Now my mission is to stay perpetually active and balanced now that I’m back in LA. I am super happy to be back



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Wrap up

The beginning of this week has been intense and full of work. On Tuesday the we went to Wooga (a Berlin based company that focuses on mobile and social games) for an improv class with Chris. I felt silly in the beginning of the improv exercises, but they really helped me out for public speaking.

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We had very little sleep, high stress and bad food. But it’s always important to laugh at the little things to keep yourself sane.

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Silver really helped me out on my Petricity project. He’s a great programmer and engineer that helped me write the code of the interface on JavaScript.



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DemoDay was great! Despite of a few technical difficulties, it was an overall success. I got a lot of important feed back and possible financial support for Petricity. It’s a project that I want to get off the ground and I’m finding the confidence to do it! 🙂

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MakerCamp Kids Afternoon

This Saturday the MakerCamp Berlin project held an afternoon just for kids! I was really fun to interact with the local kids and parents. We explained the definition of electricity, made animals put of conductive dough, learned how to program on scratch, played futbol (soccer), and learned how to juggle.

Having the parents come and learn with the child is really good for the child’s self-esteem and development. The whole family is engaged and having fun. I had a really great time 🙂

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After we went to this really cool bar on the top of a parking lot, on top of a shopping mall. It was really cool! These hidden treasures are always the best.

Fun Friday

This day was great! I went to FabLab Berlin to laser cut a few files for my demo day project and they were super nice enough to let me use the machine for free! It was a donation to the MakerCamp program. Yay! The FabLab workplace is super cool open fabrication studio where anyone is welcome to come and work on their projects. They offer a variety of services from  3D printers, laser cutters, cnc routers, vinyl cutter, sewing machines, hand tools, computer, & software programs. There are also a ton of FabLabs around the world! For more info please click on the link below

their vegetable garden in the front of their office is flourishing with tomatoes!

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The ice cream I had with Sue was delicious!!!

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I’m a huge fan of all forms of public art 🙂

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Today was also an extremely productive day! After I came back from FabLab, I put together my puppy silhouette and with the amazing help from Janez; a prototype of a programmed puppy is complete (I used an arduino). I am almost done with the presentation for Demo Day!

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Butterflies are magical…

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I love being productive because once it’s over I can have a relaxing evening with my friends ❤


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Productive Thursday!

Today was super duper productive!!! I went jogging around my new area, finalized my pecha kucha presentation for Monday, got most of the presentation for Wednesday (Demo Day) done, further designed the program interface, got the fablab laser cut file set up, and exported the interview I had with Stefania to the drive. I also did mundane things 🙂

It feels really great to finish tasks days before they’re due!


Janez is working on his LED vase!

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We like likies!

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Bokamoso cooked dinner and it was delicious! (She’s my super cool roommate from Botwsana)

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Week 3!

Time has rapidly flown by!

The past couple days have been rainy and rough; I am glad I found the power to stay. “Great things never came from comfort zones” –Unknown

This overall experience has thought me to be more self-sufficient and disciplined in my work and life. Things won’t always go your way, but preparing for the worst in advance can save you.

This week started on the right foot.

On Monday the Sparkfun box came with goodies and I moved into my new place. The Lilypad packaging is beautiful! Kudos to the designer

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On Tuesday the Design Thinking workshop was very interactive and useful; the process of understanding-observing-synthesis persona-ideation-prototyping-testing can be very useful process in solving many challenges in life.

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On Wednesday

I started on my Petricity project of creating an interface of possible programing software. Petricity is an electrical engineering toy that I have been developing for a couple months now. It’s really great to see its further development.

Later we had a campaign funding session with Fredrick Fisher, it was super informative! He explained three major funding platforms. Crowd investing, crowd lending, and crowd funding. Raising money for a project or product will be a tremendous amount of work. I actually had no idea how sneaky the legals behind all of these platforms can be.

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Thank goodness for coffee! & I tried making chilles rellenos 🙂



  • Arduino workshops– Coding is slowly coming together. It is still difficult to understand coding and programming completely but I really want to learn!


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  • 3D printing– We had a presentation on 3D printing and I found it very interesting to know there are many methods of 3D printing and only 1/4 of these methods is actual 3D printing! For example, fused deposition modeling is the most common consumer based method, which is a heated extruded filament method. Next there is selective laser sintering; a method where a laser shapes & hardens a powder leaving your 3D model. Then there is stereolithography, a UV curing process method. Finally there is actual 3D printing which uses



A really long day!!!

  • 3D printing– Today we were taking apart and repairing a 3D printer. It’s very interesting to see what components are needed to create a 3D printer and how it actually works. We didn’t get to finish because of the other workshops that were lined up for the day.

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Rehabilitation with robots-

We had a presentation on medical uses of robots for patients who have suffered a stroke.

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  • Mapping-

We used simple coding to track & mark specific icons and locations on a map.

  • The presentation on human computer interaction by Pedro Lopez was extremely interesting. He is developing a screen less computer game that uses electrical stimulation to control your body! By crossing a voltage through your body, the computer/game is manipulating your hand so you’re playing against the computer but the computer is using your hand. This technology is amazing and very frightening. We might have computer automated super soldiers soon!


Tech Tuesday

We had a super jam packed day!

The Introduction to electronics and soldering workshop with Clement Quinson was great! He has a lot of experience with children and tech in Paris; and dealing with the diverse personalities of children. It can get difficult managing 20+ kids during a workshop, lucky positive energy & easy schematics/illustrations go a long way. The soldering workshop was great!

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The creative coding workshop was a bit difficult for me to fully grasp. Math is not my forte and I can get highly discouraged when I’m faced with a numerical problem. Processing does make the out come of mathematics visually rewarding and I really want to learn coding/programming.

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It feels great to finally utilize the container as out maker space & club house!

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Week 2

The start of the week was very nice. I am still recovering from the intensity of last week and it’s nice to get things planned out for this week.

  • Cover container mural with a protective clear coat
  • Inventory
  • Create fundraising events
  • Create an opening for the tourists exploring the Berlin wall

Our guest Miho had very insightful information about creating a start up and the emotional care of your employees. Happy workers = productivity & drive. She also explained angel investors and venter capitalists, as well as to which direction is good to grow.

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It was Tomash’s birthday! Yay! We celebrated it with lemon and chocolate cake.

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We made a friend who is a performance artist and is currently working on a contemporary/ avant-garde opera. Stefania invited her to take our picture and it was nice for her to join us for lunch.

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Andre Knoering, an interaction designer really helped me out with a toy project that I am currently developing. He gave me pointers on having workshops here in Berlin to conduct research and test my prototypes.